Discover Arabia

Discover Arabia

The emerging oil-rich cities of the Arabian Peninsula have transformed the landscape of this fascinating region. Pearl fishing villages and the Bedouin culture have been turned into futuristic cities teeming with mega-malls, mosques and glittering high-rises built by the world’s leading architects.

The emirate of Dubai is now home to the tallest building in the world as well as winding souks, golden beaches and family water parks. Neighbouring emirate AbuDhabi has its own Louvre art museum and the fun-filled Ferrari World. A quieter pace of life can be found in the pretty harbour city of Muscat, while the Jordanian city of Aqaba is the gateway to ancient Petra and the red sandstone valleys of Wadi Rum.

Rock of Ages

A city that was skillfully carved into the rocks thousands of years ago by the Nabataean people, Petra is now one of the world's best-known architectural wonders, seen in countless movies. 

A Calming Contrast

A delightful contrast to other coastal cities of the Arabian Peninsula, Muscat is a city of low-rise whitewashed buildings clustered around a modest harbor. It's overlooked by and old Portuguese fort and dramatic mountain range. 

The Safari Island

Once little more than a barren desert off the Emirates coast, Sir Baniyas is now home to an array of wildlife and a luxury resort. Watch cheetahs, oryx and giraffes as they roam the sparse terrain. 

City in the Sand

Snow-covered ski slopes in the desert, the world's tallest building, dancing fountains and buggy rides in the sand dunes as a crimson sun dips below the horizon - Dubai offers a feast of attractions.

Aromatic Maze

Maze-like, bustling with activity and filled with delicious aromas, the souk is a staple of life across Arabia and has been for centuries. Browsing these atmospheric market places you'll find everything from spices to incense to leather goods. Whether you're in Muscat or Manama, don't be afraid to bargin. It's all part of the experience.