Discover Indian Ocean

Discover Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean stretches from Africa’s southeast coast to Australia, but its golden region lies east of Madagascar where the luxury resorts of the Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles and Reunion are among the most desirable in the world.

Their remote location is part of their appeal, but their chief attraction is their picturesque natural beauty. While they all have their unique charm, each is blessed with sapphire waters surrounding tiny islands that are often described as paradise on Earth. Further afield lies the island of Sri Lanka, a stunningly beautiful island whose central highlands are home to countless plantations growing high-quality tea.

Piece of Paradise

Maldives lives up to its reputation, with azure seas alive with vivacious pods of dolphins and coconut palms rustling in the breeze. Discover lively fish markets and impressive mosques in the capital, Malé.

Marine Utopia

The Indian Ocean boasts superb marine life and kaleidoscopic reefs. You don't even need to go far from the shore to find it. A basic snorkel mask gives you access to this aquatic world of wonder.

Beach Bliss

You could hardly come to this part of the world without experiencing the barefoot bliss of its magnificent beaches. Swathes of ivory-white sand fringe these specks of land in the vast Indian Ocean. 

Marvellous Mauritius

Home to many native species, the Black River Gorges National Park in Mauritius consists mainly of rainforest and is home to fruit bats, rusa deer and wild pigs. Hike into the gorges and see waterfalls gushing down sheer cliffs.

Gold buddhas and balmy beaches

This atmospheric island nation is home to palm-fringed beaches and old tea plantations in the deep-green hills of the country's interior. Delve into the floating markets of floating Colombo, a city oozing character. Set around Lake Beira, it's packed with temples surrounded by gleaming gold buddhas and the remains of colonial forts built by the Portuguese.