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Indian Pacific

Part of Journey Beyond, the Indian Pacific travels across the breadth of southern Australia in incomparable style. Its storied journey follows in the footsteps of bush pioneers, gold rush greed, and famous adventurers who forged to discover the barren natural beauty of Australia’s famously unforgiving outback. Throughout, there are a variety Off Train Experiences to enjoy depending on which route you choose, including visits to Adelaide and her surroundings, the Blue Mountains, and Kalgoorlie so you can stretch your legs and explore the most remote corners of this inhospitable yet intensely welcoming land.

Off Train Experiences are specific to your individual itinerary and will vary depending on the direction and duration of travel. Each stop offers a unique glimpse into the heart and soul of this vast and diverse continent, for specific details on your journey, please consult your holiday itinerary.

Life on board the Indian Pacific

From exquisite fine dining to cosy cabins and sophisticated lounges, spend your days on board doing as much or as little as you like.

Gold Service

Each Indian Pacific Gold Service carriage houses nine Twin cabins or 16 Single cabins. During the day, Twin cabins offer a three-seater lounge with space to relax, which is transformed into upper and lower berths at night. Your attendant will provide you with crisp sheets, bath towels, pillows, and complimentary bath amenities. Single cabins have a lounge chair and footrest, which is converted to a level sleeping berth at night, a wash basin, and use of shared toilets and showers located at either end of the carriage. A limited number of Superior Double cabins are available, with a third upper bunk, a three-quarter size bed and lounge area.

  • For Gold Twin, a comfortable sleeper cabin featuring private en suite and upper and lower berths that convert to a three-seater lounge by day
  • For Gold Single, a compact sleeper cabin featuring a bed that converts to a seat by day and shared shower/toilet facilities
  • Power outlets
  • In-cabin music channels and journey audio commentary available
  • All-inclusive dining in the Queen Adelaide Restaurant
  • All-inclusive Australian wines, beers, base spirits, and non-alcoholic beverages
  • All-inclusive Off-Train Experiences
  • Luggage allowance is 60kg per guest

Platinum Service

Discerning travellers who enjoy the finest things in life will appreciate an upgrade to Platinum Service, where discreet, personalised touches ensure your whole journey is world class from start to finish, including unparalleled dining and accompanying wines, plus Bollinger champagne. Also included is Australian-made bath amenities, a nightcap at turndown, and access to the Platinum Club, where you can relax amid quartzite tables, leather banquette seating and brass fittings. Depending on where you’re headed, private transfers are also included.

Platinum Service cabins have double beds, which can be arranged as a double or twin, and are set up as a lounge with a moveable table and two armchairs during the day. There is a full en suite bathroom with shower, and the décor is distinctly Australian in style.

  • All-inclusive dining, beverages, and Off-Train Experiences
  • Spacious cabin almost twice the size of a Gold Service Twin cabin
  • By day, cabins are set up lounge-style
  • By night, lounges are converted to double or twin beds
  • En suite with separate shower, vanity with cupboard space, toilet, and Australian bathroom amenities
  • Power outlets and safe
  • In-cabin music channels and journey audio commentary
  • Panoramic windows
  • Access to the exclusive Platinum Club
  • Freshly prepared continental breakfasts served upon request in-cabin
  • Refreshments served in-cabin
  • 90 kg checked luggage allowance per guest (3 x 30 kg each).

Off-Train Experiences

Experience the diverse landscapes and cultures of Australia aboard the Indian Pacific, which operates a range of itineraries primarily between Sydney and Perth. Along the way, embark on unforgettable off-train adventures in vibrant Australian locations. Explore the cultural richness and culinary delights of the Adelaide area, and witness the stark beauty of the outback in Cook. Dive into the historic mining town of Kalgoorlie and marvel at the breathtaking natural beauty of the Blue Mountains.

Off-Train Experiences are specific to your individual itinerary and will vary depending on the direction and duration of travel. Each stop offers a unique glimpse into the heart and soul of this vast and diverse continent, for specific details on your journey, please consult your holiday itinerary.

Cabins & Suites

Relax in the utmost of comfort and style with cabins and suites that feature an array of facilities. 

Gold Twin

The moment you step into your cabin, you’ll be immersed into a world of romance that epitomises rail travel. The most popular choice of accommodation have everything you need to feel right at home for the amazing experience that lies ahead.

  • A comfortable sleeper cabin featuring private en-suite and upper and lower berths that convert to a three-seater lounge by day.
  • Power outlets in cabin
  • In-cabin music channels and journey audio commentary available
  • All-inclusive dining in the Queen Adelaide Restaurant
  • All-inclusive Australian wines, beers, base spirits

Gold Single

Your stylish and ultra-modern cabin cleverly accommodates your belongings with a series of compartments and shelving options incorporated into the compact design. Your comfortable seat with full leg extension bench seat by day converts to a cosy bed by night.

The soulful, reflective and contemplative nature of moving across the continent by train is ideally suited to travelling solo but you can be as quiet or as social as you wish and with your included choice of Off Train Experiences allows you to join fellow guests as you experience the amazing places you visit together.

Inside your cabin, choose from six music and journey commentary channels to add background ambience to your travels, and you have numerous power supply outlets to keep your devices charged.

Our Gold Single Cabins also feature:

  • Complimentary Australian- made bathroom amenities
  • Complimentary shuttle bus transfers available between Darwin Terminal and the city centre
  • 60 kg checked luggage allowance per guest (2 x 30 kg each).

Gold Premium Twin

The Gold Premium Twin cabins on board The Indian Pacific redefine luxury rail travel, offering an indulgent and spacious retreat through the heart of Australia. Featuring walnut timber and polished brass details, these delightful cabins boast twin beds, panoramic windows, and en-suite bathrooms, these cabins seamlessly blend comfort with breathtaking views of the diverse landscapes. Passengers enjoy exclusive access to the Outback Explorer Lounge, where they can socialise, relax, and take in the scenery. Impeccable service and attention to detail characterize the Gold Premium Twin experience, providing a sumptuous haven for travellers as they traverse the iconic landscapes of the Australian outback on The Indian Pacific. 

  • Newly designed, contemporary cabins 
  • Premium amenities, luxuriously soft linen, and silk eye masks 
  • Exclusive access to the Gold Premium Lounge and Gold Premium Dining carriage 
  • Two-course, regionally inspired lunches, and four-course dinners 
  • All-inclusive premium Australian wines, beers, spirits, and non-alcoholic beverages 
  • All-inclusive Off Train Experiences and preferences on tour selections 
  • 75kg checked luggage allowance per guest (3 x 25 kg each) 
  • Priority luggage check-in 
  • Power outlets in cabin 
  • In-cabin music channels and journey audio commentary 

Platinum Twin

For the discerning traveller, Platinum adds an enhanced level of sophistication to your journey. Stylishly appointed, spacious suites complemented by discreet, personalised service and world-class food and wine make this a very special travel experience.

  • Spacious Double or Twin cabin almost twice the size of a Gold Premium Twin or Gold Twin Cabin
  • En-Suite equipped with separate shower, vanity with cupboard space, and toilet
  • Premium amenities, luxuriously soft linen and silk eye masks
  • Power outlets and in-cabin safe
  • Panoramic windows offering views from both sides of the train
  • Access to the exclusive platinum club for dining and socialising

Curated By Imagine

Rail Journeys
Indian Pacific Adventure & Perth Discovery
Jan 2025 - Oct 2025
8 nights
$4,699 pp.
Rail Journeys
Coast to Coast: Indian Pacific & Sydney Adventure
Nov 2024 - Nov 2025
6 nights
$3,999 pp.

Indian Pacific FAQs

Where does the Indian Pacific route begin and end?

The Indian Pacific offers six itineraries with different embark and disembark points:

Sydney to Perth

Sydney – Broken Hill – Barossa Valley – Adelaide – Nullarbor Plain – Darwin

Perth to Sydney

Perth – Kalgoorlie – Rawlinna – Cook – Adelaide – Blue Mountains – Sydney

Adelaide to Sydney

Adelaide – Broken Hill – Blue Mountains – Sydney

Sydney to Adelaide

Sydney – Broken Hill – Adelaide

Adelaide to Perth

Adelaide – Cook – Rawlinna – Perth

Perth to Adelaide

Perth – Kalgoorlie – Rawlinna – Cook – Adelaide

How long is the trip on board the Indian Pacific?

The Indian Pacific offers six itineraries with different durations:

Sydney to Perth – Three nights

Perth to Sydney – Three nights

Adelaide to Sydney – One night

Sydney to Adelaide – One night

Adelaide to Perth – Two nights

Perth to Adelaide – Two nights

Do I need any cash or credit cards onboard?

As our journeys are all-inclusive you will not need to buy anything unless you choose to purchase an Off Train Experience upgrade or souvenirs, which you can do onboard utilising our EFTPOS or credit card facilities. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any cash out on our trains.

How much luggage can I take?

Luggage limits apply for both carry on and checked luggage. These limits vary depending on the level of service you are travelling in and by train.

While on board the Indian Pacific, you can access one piece of hand luggage plus a garment bag, cabin bag or briefcase per person, and store this within your cabin. Checked luggage cannot be accessed during your rail journey and will be stored on a separate part of the train. Checked luggage limits apply.

Indian Pacific:

  • Platinum Service (per person): 3 x 30kg
  • Gold Service (per person) 2 x 30kg

Is there a standard of dress on board?

It’s your holiday and we want you to be comfortable so smart casual attire is recommended.

We also recommend:

  • Warm clothes for Outback Experiences as mornings and evenings in the Outback can be cool
  • Hat, sunscreen, and comfortable walking shoes for your Off Train Experiences.

What weather should I pack for?

Travelling from one end of the country to the other can provide a variation in climates.

When travelling on the Indian Pacific, temperatures vary significantly so make sure to pack for both cooler and warmer temperatures. This is also dependent on the time of year.

  • Adelaide and Peth: during summer months, temperatures can average around 30 degrees
  • Nullarbor, Rawlinna and Cook: during winter months, temperatures at can average as low as 5 degrees

Is smoking permitted on board the train?

No, smoking is not permitted on any of Journey Beyond Rail Expeditions services.

Is Wi-Fi available on board the train?

Limited Wi-Fi is available in the Outback Explorer Lounges and Platinum Club carriages. Please note that Wi-Fi availability is dependent on mobile network coverage, and as we travel through some remote locations it may not always be available.

Is electricity provided aboard Journey Beyond trains?

Travelling the Indian Pacific, 240v household outlets can be found in the cabin.

What special dietary requirements can be accommodated on board the train?

Most special dietary requirements can be accommodated – including vegetarian, gluten free, lactose free and vegan. Please ensure this is advised at the time of booking.

What cabins are available for those with mobility or disability issues?

Indian Pacific has a Gold Access Cabin available for wheelchair bound/physically impaired guests travelling in Gold Service. This cabin is subject to availability and assessment of the guest’s Fitness to Travel.

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