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Rivalling even the most luxurious hotels, award-winning Lotus Cruises truly lead the way in providing a genuinely outstanding customer experience.

Explore the magnificent Mekong River and unearth the beauty, history, and secrets of both Vietnam and Cambodia with a Lotus cruise. Awarded with Traveller Made affiliation, Lotus Cruises’ mission is simple: to provide a high quality, unique, and all-inclusive bespoke customer experience that will make your voyage across the Mekong truly one to remember.

With unrivalled levels of hospitality including personal butlers, authentic on-board cultural activities, and boasting the most sophisticated, large and high-ceilinged traveller suites along the Mekong, Lotus is committed to a sustainable, environmentally friendly, and unforgettable cruising experience. Utilising eco-friendly products such as glass instead of plastic bottles and sourcing genuine produce from local farms to support indigenous communities, from the moment you step aboard the luxury of a Lotus cruise you’ll realise just why their name has achieved such an accredited status when it comes to faultless customer service.

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Discover Lotus Cruises’ iconic luxury vessels: The Mekong Navigator, The Mekong Jewel

Discover Lotus Cruises’ iconic luxury vessels: 

Mekong Navigator

Mekong Navigator

Nostalgic yet modern. Timeless yet classic. The unique and lavish Navigator offers spacious suites with private French balconies; elegance epitomised.

Mekong Jewel

Mekong Jewel

The latest vessel to grace the Mekong covers beautiful 360-degree panoramic views, gourmet dishes and luxurious private suites you won’t find elsewhere.

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At Imagine Holidays, we expertly curate unique and immersive experiences to create once-in-a-lifetime holidays that you’ll remember forever, paired with Lotus Cruises.

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Lotus combines tradition with modern comforts, rivalling even the most luxurious hotels. Coupled with a sustainable mission, and award-winning luxury customer service, no other Mekong River cruise experience compares to Lotus.

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